What is a BioAge Test?

How old does your body think you are?

Being overweight, a poor diet and a toxic lifestyle can make you older than your years and decrease your potential lifespan. But how can you know your true biological age – your age at the deepest level? If you could find out, would it make a difference? 

One of the health assessments given to contestants on The Biggest Losers, a reality series about folks with daunting weight loss goals, early in their stay in the house was a ‘BioAge’ test.

This lets them see the toll on their bodily systems of being obese. The results can be shocking. Leigh Westren, this year’s runner-up, was 23 when he entered the house. His first BioAge test showed him to be 34. “I laughed it off,” he said to The Biggest Loser Club. “But I soon realised the seriousness of being more than 10 years older than my chronological age. I needed to change."

Leigh struggled at first with the physical demands of being a Biggest Loser contestant. “I couldn’t deal with it. I wanted to lose weight by eating healthily, and that was all,” he said. “But the results of the test motivated me to take the training more seriously.”

Later in the series, the test was administered again, and the turnaround was dramatic. This time Leigh was relieved to discover he had reduced his bio age to 18, specifically because he had improved his cardiovascular capacity as a result of all his tough training. “It was an amazing moment,” he said.

Its time to ask yourself this...What are the warning signs for a heart attack or a stroke? How can I attempt to avoid this?

The first step is knowing your biological age.

Our BioAge Monitor provides several key health indicators that are easy to understand. It assesses your biological age based on the overall health of your cardiovascular system.  In addition, it measures your heart rate, stiffness index, reflection index, SPO2 levels (the amount of oxygen being carried by your hemoglobin and your BMI (or body fat levels based on your body mass index).  

The BioAge test should be done periodically to ensure that your cardiovascular health is trending in the right direction and to see if the lifestyle changes you have made have improved the result  We offer multi-session discounts to qualified customers who make follow-up appointments for testing.  

J$2,500.00 or USD$ 25.00 Per Session Per Person*

​*Only available in Jamaica

What Is A BioAge Test

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